Our Cattle

Our beef are born, raised and finished here in the Robson Valley without added growth hormones or steroids. They spend the summer on open pasture in the Valleys of the Dore River Mountains. In winter the feeders are fed top quality hay and rolled barley and are generally at their ideal weight by spring.

We grow our own Hay and Barley. This guarantees that we always know the quality of our feed. All our animals receive the proper vitamins and minerals required for a balanced diet. Processing is done at a provincially licensed abbortoure.

With all the controversy around food these days it’s hard to know what’s healthy. One thing we can all agree on is that beef directly from the farm is a healthier choice for everyone.

We use top quality breeding bulls to ensure sound health in our calf crop. We are currently using bulls from:

KRS Simmentals

Nile Mile Ranch

MoonLite Farm

When you look this good you get to be in wedding pictures.