Our Story

Farming has been part of the Westlund family since 1916 when Evald Westlund operated his grain thrashing outfit on the Saskatchewan prairies. The farmstead here in McBride has been in the family since 1955.

Dad & Mom (Walter and Eva Westlund) started raising cattle in 1972. They began with a few Herefords then moved into Charolaise. In1989 Ron started purchasing cattle and working full time on the farm . By 2002 we were running mostly Red Angus.Today we run a ¾ Angus ¼ Simmental herd.

In Nov of 2005 Dad passed away after a 15 year battle against Parkinson’s disease. Dad proved that keeping busy and living the life he loved was his best fight against the disease. Every season since has brought us fond memories of him and everything he had taught us. A lot of things have remained the same since then. We still refer to “how Dad would do it” if he was here. We know he’d be very proud of the farm today.