Farm raised beef, naturally.

For over 40 years the Westlund family have produced high quality beef for the cattle market.
Like most people, we believe farm raised, hormone free beef is a healthier choice so we are
now selling directly to the consumer.

Our cow/calf pairs are free-range grazed in the
Dore River Valley of the Caribou Mountains.
Once weaned, the calves are fed premium hay and rolled barley for a minimum of five months
before processing in the Spring. We grow our own hay and barley here in the Valley.
Our grazing and feeding program ensures the animals are healthy and the meat is tender.

We have a variety of beef packages to suit any consumer’s needs. Processing is done in Prince George
at a provincially licensed abbortoure.

Order your R3 Acres Beef today! Beef directly from the farm is a healthier choice for everyone.